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1996 Lincoln Continental FWDReview
wparks writes:
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Powerful Yet Classy, Lead Weight That Can Shake It Like Shakira To Keep You Safe. — Hate the fuel consumption but I also drive 7000 foot elevation daily...it's the premium fuel costs that add up. Air ride suspension is comfortable but I'm concerned About it failing now that the mileage is up there. Can't imagine how bad that would be if it happened coming down the mountain highway. I've got to say for as big and heavy as she is, she's nimble enough to shake it around sudden road obstacles at 90MPH with 100% precision. Only my 2006 Charger R/T came close for weight/agility but that monster did it angrily and with controlled chaos versus Diamond which performs the same moves gracefully yet decisively. She doesn't complain until after the ride is over lol.

Primary Use: Commuting to work

Pros: Roomy, comfortable, powerful, elegant but moves like a boss, heavy but surprisingly agile.

Cons: Premium fuel only (bad things happen even with midgrade...blue smoke and stalling); FWD/Transmission...police interceptor power in luxury would have been better RWD with stronger trans and different gear ratio...I know, should have gotten a Mark VIII

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