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1996 Buick Century Review
burtmcc331 says:
I have had to replace the A/C twice. Heavy rust. Smooth ride. Good gas mileage (25 city/ 30 highway).
vs1987 Chevrolet Celebrity
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Back Seats Ranked 1987 Chevrolet Celebrity better.
"more space."
Would Buy Ranked 1987 Chevrolet Celebrity worse.
"shape was more appealing and engine more dependable."
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1996 Buick Century Wagon FWDReview
5teel writes:
Back Seats:
Cargo Capacity:
Family Car:
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Front Seats:
Maintenance Cost:

The Wood Buoy Is Like A Old Buddy! My Family And I Love This Car — Overall the Buick Century wagon is one of the most versatile cars I've owned. It works very well in the City as it isn't a huge wagon, but has plenty of space and handles the potholes. Mileage is getting better now that I've fixed the exhaust system and lots of minor repairs have been made (brakes, water pump, alternator,battery, window motors) If you are not handy then a classic car is not for you, but with a little effort you essentially get the granddaddy of the SUV without the size and hassle. Plus with the Wine and Wood style, you can pull off the Clark Griswold Vacation!

Primary Use: Family transportation

Pros: Cheap to Obtain, cheap to maintain. Parts are accessible. Unique old school style. Versatile vehicle that can haul a lot of cargo, tow a little bit, and get around comfortably

Cons: Maintainence must be performed regularly with occassional repairs, but it is nearly 20 years old.

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1996 Buick Century Sedan FWDReview
Tony writes:

Car — this thing accelerates like a tank but at 65 if you throw it down into 2nd gear and floor it you could prolly take anyone. im pretty sure this thing could take a semi head on and not have any damage. good drifter

Pros: its a beater so i can drift with it!

Cons: its ugly and looks like my gma should drive it

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1996 Buick Century Sedan FWDReview
Kyle writes:

Buick Century — This was my grandparents car. When I first sat behind the wheel I didn't know what to expect. But when my foot met the pedal and the 3.1 V6 underneath the hood let's just say I was no less than suprised. The gas mileage that went along with it is a huge trade-off. From a quarter off a tank it costs twenty bucks to fill. And usually I can get about 260 miles or more out of three quarters of a tank. The suspension feels like a trampoline is riding underneath the car. Braking is like ABS braking should be like. The traction control feature is suprisingly helpful. The car isn't too much to look at but driveability wise its dependable and comfortable.

Pros: It's fast for an old car

Cons: It's not much to look at

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1996 Buick Century Sedan FWDReview
Nick writes:

My Car — It drives, but you will feel safe. I've hit a deer and nothing happened! This thing will live FOREVER!!! (Or until I sell it) It's a point A,B,C,D,E,F,G type of car, and a beast in the winter, and very comfortable. My grandma had good taste.

Pros: Never had a problem, starts and drives perfectly.

Cons: It's a Buick Century

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1996 Buick Century Sedan FWDReview
Brandy writes:

Old But Reliable With Some Upkeep Can Be A Powerful Car — It will seat 6 if the front seat is a bench seat. Has alot of power when kept in good condition.

Pros: only seats 6, no airbags

Cons: no airbags and is a heavy car

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1996 Buick Century Sedan FWDReview
Peter2642 writes:

A Comfy Boat For Smooth Seas. Just Don't Rock The Boat Or It Will Roll Over And Kill You. — This was my first car. It has been a reliable commuter for about one and a half years. Its very comfortable for my weekly commutes to Loudon. When I want to have some fun with a curvy road, it starts squealing and reeling and I have to stop before I kill myself. Parts I Have replaced; Front right hub Radiator High beam lamps

Pros: Roomy interior, with easy to use controls. Pretty big trunk for storing dead bodies. Looks reserved and mature. Quiet at cruising speed. Decent power, 160 bhp, and 185 foot lbs of torque. It is fairly light; 2950 lbs.

Cons: Handles like a drunk Holstein. Spongerific brakes. No tach. Not very roomy for rear passengers. It sags with only two people in the back. Looks reserved and mature.

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Displaying all 1996 Buick Century reviews reviews.

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