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1992 Chrysler New Yorker SalonReview
Nick writes:

The End Of An Era — Everything about this car I loved. Even it's little foibles. It handled decent for in city driving. Got up and moved when I wanted it to. And it wasn't that expensive to run either if you learned to work with some of the qwerks. Overall I loved this car and miss it dearly.

Pros: The engine, the stereo. Power Everything

Cons: The transmission, and the motor mount.

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love the car it is the most pimp car ive ever owned rollin on 20s and bumpin the system pretty good on gas and she has almost 200000 miles on her cant complain had it for bout 4 yrs now and still good... Read More

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Have To Love The Burgandy Plush Velvet Seating... By Benjamin

OK this was my 1st car i purchased for $1000. It was a good purchase i think. The car was a boat and it had some cool stuff for being a 1991 - powered windows and seats, digital dash board, plush inte... Read More

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