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1980 Toyota CelicaReview
Brett writes:

My Favorite Car I Owned While Growing Up — I chose this car on the strength of Toyota's reputation, and it never disappointed me. I used it daily for commuting to and from school over many years, and over almost 100,000 miles. The best part was that when I bought it, there were already 127,000 miles on it. When sold, it had 225,000 miles. I loved its reliability, durability, and ease of repair. I learned to perform many types of repair on the car, not due to any fault of the car, but simply due to its age and use. I rebuilt the carburetor (a wonder of pre-injection smog-equipped complexity), pulled the transmission to replace some synchros, replaced the driveshaft, re-drilled and tapped the exhaust manifold studs, fitted headers, the list goes on. It is the car I think of fondly when I think of my youth.

Pros: Reliable, easy to fix, inexpensive and very readily available parts.

Cons: Slightly low on power, and a little heavy.

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1980 Toyota CelicaReview
Mitch writes:

Super Strong — i bought this car off of a friend in high school for 300 bucks. one day while driving to work someone pulled out in front of me and i slammed into the side of a him and the passenger side was really messed up, but i drove it home. thats toyota quality right there.

Pros: very well built

Cons: not alot of power

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1980 Toyota CelicaReview
grc0456 writes:
Back Seats:
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My Second Car — This car was an upgrade from my 1976 Celica ST Coupe. It had more refinement and luxury features, plus newer body redesign with more up to date lines. Still had that great 20R engine though. I kept it four years.

Primary Use: Sport/fun (spirited driving, track racing, off-roading, etc.)

Pros: At the time, AC, power steering, cruise control and a 5-speed were really nice features to be included.

Cons: Those non-stock wire wheels.  Looked good if constantly shined, but rusted quickly.

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Displaying all 1980 Toyota Celica reviews reviews.

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