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Joshua writes:

1959 Buick Lesabre 4 Door Sedan — It takes a special eye to appreciate the styling of the 1959 Buick. Very liberal styling with wild fins and a amazing instrument panel. With all 59 buicks sporting 10:1 compression except for the factory manual shift cars the horsepower is very conservatively rated at 250 hp and with a 2 speed shiftless automatic that makes for some great driving. My car needs some work before it runs but with knowedge and experience driving and riding in these late 50's Buicks I can say with sure certainty "There isnt a feeling like a Buick". With 4 canted headlights and sweeping trim and pointed fins that stick out like wings, you will stand out and realize how much you have been missing when you own a 1959 Buick!

Pros: styling, appearance, build quality, performance, size, ride, unique

Cons: not much market, VERY bad on gas

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