My Volvo 93 Wagon's Gear Shift Won't Move . . . And Key Trick From Volvo_gi...

Gear shift won't move out of park . . . key trick from Volvo_girl doesn't work. Thanks for any help. I'm stranded in a mountain village.

Service Light On

Garage has replaced spark plugs within two weeks. Wondering if alternator can't handle it.


Can I Get Help Troubleshooting My 1994 Volvo 940?

though it has spark and seems to be getting fuel. It started sputtering on acceleration and wanting to stall. I found a bad wire and replaced it but the issue continued. The next morning I had a har...


98 Volvo 940

i have a 98 volvo 940 recently got the engine changed also the gearbox. there is a weird vibration in the engine when i switch on the A/C when in gear. it was also noted when in neutral. the gear won...