How Do I Best Start A VW Bus?

I have a 1976 VW bus. My question is how best to start it. On old american cars I push the accelerator down once to set the choke and crank. usually starts after 1 maybe 2 cranks. Do I do the same w...


1969 Volkswagen Bus Worth (rough Estimate)

My grand father has a 69 Volkswagen bus, if I were to rate it on a 1-10 scale, I would rate it a 8. My father will inherit the bus once my grandfather unfortunately passes, then as I am the car guy b...

70s Vw Bus

Can u put a automatic transmission In a 1970 vw bus nd if so where can i fine the transmission

1967 Vw Bus Leak

Hello, my father and i work on a 67 bus recently when we started it up it has been leaking fluid by the engine. We can't figure out where its coming from or what it is. We just changed the transmis...