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1963 Triumph TR3
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I Have A 1960 Tr 3. Its Running Temperature Is 180 Or Slightly Higher. In T...

I have a 1960 TR 3. ITs running temperature is 180 or slightly higher. In traffic it begins to head toward 230. What is the normal running temperature for this model and age. I just had the radiator...

Why Will My 1957 Tr 3 Not Rev Past 3500 Rpm Without Cutting Out?

I have done a complete tune-up with new points, condenser, plugs, wires. I rebuilt fuel pump and cleaned and adjusted the SU carbs. Timing has been set. Vehicle starts and runs fine up to 3500 RP...

My Tr3 Vin # Is 75710 L. What Month In 1960 Was It Built.

I own a LHD TR3 , and would like to know when it was built, plus what are the differences between a J type overdrive and a A type overdrive , which is the better unit,

We Have A Chattering Noise At The Front Of The Engine

We have done the tappets & new bearings in the dynamo...& removed the water pump which does run smooth ....SO could it be the timming chain hope you can help thanks

Electric Gone Engine Dies Leave It Sit For Awhile And It Starts Again What ...

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