What Can Be The Problem?

My car makes a grinding sound when i pull away on 1st gear at a stop or on a hill when i change gear it goes away.



Hi after doing the motor over 3 times in a month theres still white smoke, ive change heads, seals and gaskets and v/seals etc whats wrong with it still

The Car Can Not Climb A Hill, It Fails

When u drive on a hill surface the car fails


Lights Is Dimming On And Off When I Switch It On Cant Drive At Night With T...

Lights is dimming on and off when i switch it on cant drive at night with that

Fixing The Grudgeon Pin And Conrid

I'm in cape Town, looking for the best price to replace a grudgeon pin, just paid out a fortune to have my cylinder head repaired after the mechanic dropped a socket into the engine.. Can't afford ...