RPM Goes Down

I have a Toyota Premio 2004 which had a run of 130,000 km. the engine have been replaced two and half years ago. now the engine is performing so bad recently. i checked for everything. Throttle body...

How Do I Disable A Awd For Premio 240!

I have a toyota premio 240 manufactured in year 2005.It is an AWD all wheel drive.advice me on how i can manually disable the rear wheels.

Can One Disable An AWD?

Can you disable either front or rear wheels

$2100 For Toyota Premio 2006

Hay you there well done, my question is that can i get a toyota premio for $2100 from your dealership? and i hear that you have defered payment plans , i would like to know if i paid 70% down payme...

Often Having Rough Idling And Switch Off

I have a Toyota premio 2004.when the engine is on for about 30 mins,it starts having rough idling and at times has engine check light. It has been diagnosed but couldn't pick the real problem. Spa...