Was Told That I Need To Replace The Whole Distributed In My 95 Nissan Van.....

Car will start but when I try go accelerate it dies. I removed the whole distributor to clean it because someone told me that was the reason the car started acting up.,when I had the distributor put ...

Nissan Van Overview

The Nissan Van was very short-lived. It was identical to the Toyota van, and was a precursor to the more popular Nissan Quest minivan on the road today.

While the Toyota version is still occasionally seen on the road, the Nissan version was in production for a much shorter period of time and are therefore quite rare.

The Van had some innovative features, like seats that folded flat so they could be used as beds. The seats were also removable for easy hauling.

The engine was located under the front seats instead of under the hood, similar to the Toyota Previa.

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