Stuck In Park Released The Linkage No Power Need To Reset The

How to rest the linkage in the proper gear

93 Mercury Tracer Wagon Will Not Turn Over

The engine will not turn over, just bought a new battery, starter sounds fine. I have had a similar problem with it a couple months ago which I solved by moving the steering wheel up and down but ...

How Many Sensors Are There

How many are in the car 1 or 2 seniors

Mercury Tracer Brake Lights Out

My son just bought a 1999 Mecury Tracer with 60K miles, and we thought it was in great condition for its age But it seems to be cursed. Yesterday, his brake lights went out. We replaced all of the b...

Need To Know What Wire Colors Are What?

Wire colors at ignition switch. I am trying to install a generic ignition switch and need a +BAT, +IGN, ACC, and Starter wire. Which colors are what? All wires were cut from original switch when i ...