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What concerns should I have for a 2006 Lincoln Mark LT with 78,000 miles Considering buying low mileage (78,000) 2006 Lincoln Mark LT what might happen mechanically


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My truck is been having this problem for a while now where at first it will not start and i have to wait for like 5 minutes or more befire i can try again to start it for it to work then it start d...

How Much Did A Lincoln Mark Lt Cost Brand New In 2006

Brand new price of a Lincoln Mark LT pick up truck in 2006

What Is "fleet"

Lincoln Mark LT Overview

The Mark LT was introduced in 2004 at Detroit's North American International Auto Show and it debuted for the 2006 model year. Its release marked the first time the legendary Mark name, which dates back to the early years of the Lincoln company, has been given to a pickup.
The Mark LT is based on the extremely successful Ford F-150 and offers many standard luxuries as well as a lot of chrome. The interior blends leather, wood, and other high-quality materials for a warm and pleasing atmosphere.
The combination of traditional pickup utility with elements of luxury may have seemed paradoxical at one time, it definitely isn't anymore. (Lincoln's earlier attempt, the Blackwood, was not a success.) There's most certainly a segment - or several segments - of the truck-buying public who want plushness. It may be a well-to-do ranch owner, a young buck with a few bucks to spend, or just a person who appreciates comfort as much as practicality.

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