What Do I Do If My Tranny

What do I do to fix my slipping tranny with no reverse

My Radio Was Disconnected By The Previously Owner. How To Reconnect It?

The previous owner disconnected the radio on my 1997 Infinity QX4 and I can't find out how to reconnect it. Any suggestions?

Infiniti QX4 4WD Light Comes On While Driving, Car Stutters And Stalls

So, awhile back I had to drive in some icy conditions. I used 4WD for this, and have never actually used it before (bought this car from a friend almost 2 years ago). I followed the directions properl...

2001 Check Engine Light Flashes On And Off

check engine light has come on and then it will flash on and off

2000 Infinity QX4 Heater Fan Flashing Issue

Our family mechanic replaced timing belt, water pump, and thermostat on our 2000 Infinity QX4. After replacement, on the Heat control panel, fan display is flashing like crazy and we can't control ...