GMC Sierra Classic 1500 Questions

Truck Doesnt Want To Shift

Truck shift up to 2nd no problem but wont shift to 3rd unless your rpms are really high and wont shift past that

2007 GMC Sierra Classic Transmission Issue

I just changed the trans filter. Now when i shift into drive it will go into gear but feels as though i have the brakes applied. Reverse works fine ( yes, i put fluid back in).

Dash Cluster

1977 gmc k15. amp and fuel gauge don't work. Guessing its a ground. Dash lights do work. don't know what pin on printed circuit supplies ground.

GMC Sierra Classic 1500 Overview

GMC officially said out with the old, in with the new in 2007 and the purge included the old Sierra 1500. However, this half-ton pickup got a nice going away ceremony by getting labeled as 'Classic' as it makes way for the remodeled Sierra 1500. The main difference you'll find from the new 1500 comes from the stiffer ride and lower quality materials that necessitated the remodelling.

Regardless, most GMC fans will say good riddance to the old model. If you need to save a little money and don't need the extra luxury, the Sierra Classic 1500 provides a solid option for anyone in the market for a smaller domestic pickup.

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