1996 GMC Sierra K2500

Was driving my 1996 GMC K2500 pickup yesterday. In a blink of an eye I felt gear loss, RPMs spiked to redline. Shifting from gear to park im having a grinding noise. Played with my gears a bit when...

My GMC Truck

My truck is jumping when I put it in reverse

Exhaust Manifolds Glowing

I have a 98 GMC Sierra 3 quarter ton 4 wheel drive 5.7 Vortec new fuel pump spark plugs and wires distributor cap. exhaust manifolds glowing any ideas

Oil Pressure

I just did a top end rebuild on my 98 GMC Sierra k2500 now it has low oil pressure before the oil pressure was fine please help

Lighting Issue

All my lights work as they should but as soon as I turn the park/headlights on the right brake light comes on and right real blinker doesn’t work. What could this be