How much is a fair 1957 ford anglia worth. I found one for 6500. but dont have a clue what its worth

Where Can I Locate One For Sale?

I purchased a 1959 English Ford Anglia out of high school in June 1959. It was the best car I ever owned and would love to see one again and maybe even buy one. I live in the Atlantic City area.

I Am Trying To Estabish A Value For My 1959 Ford Anglia

I have a 1959 Ford Anglia, original engine, new interior (including headliner), new paint, new tires, and new exhaust system. It is a very mild custom with the front and rear bumpers shaved off and ro...



101E assembled in Ireland how rare ?

1951 Ford Anglia- No Motor

Hi Can someone help me determine how much this car is worth? It is in fair condition because it has been stored outside for the last year. I want to sell it before it becomes trash. Can someone give m...