Okk I Have A 84 Dodge Ram 100 It Has A 318 In It Right Now But Its Getting ...

its a 2 wheel drive short bed maroon looks like this one


1998 Dodge Ram Wont Start

We have replaced the fuel pump, camshaft sensor, crankshaft sensor, and computer. We have checked all the relays and fuses they are all good. Any help would be much appriciated.

Why No New Dodge Ram Listings ?

Why doesn't carguru include a search for new Dodge Ram Trucks ??

No Crank, No Start In Park

My Dodge pick up has no crank, no start in park it cranks in neutral but will not do anything in Park

2016 Fuel Pump Connector Wiring

I had two wires pull out of the wiring harness and I need to know the order they need to be pigtailed back in. I have purchased a new harness and I have 4 wires, a blue/orange(red), black, blue/whi...