BMW X6 Questions

Bm X6 35i Drive Using Wrong Grade Of Gas?

I was low on gas and put 7 dollars of 87 octain by mistake to get to a gas station, will that give my engine problems or ruin my engine? what should I do my dealer said never to put 87.

I See Some Activity And Offers But No Follow Up? Are These People Real?

I see some activity and offers but no follow up? are these people real? Looks like they are generating fake activities........ do you see these problems?

Car Died Within 3 Years

The car I purchased through CarGurus died within 3 years of purchase. It is a 2012 BMW X6 and was purchased from a private seller. One of the turbos is dead as well as the entire transmission. All t...

What Does Reported As Lemon Mean?

what does reported as lemon mean

How Can I Get Rid Of The Deep Scratches On My Car?

Someone backed scratched my car and lefty rather large, fairly deep scratches in the paint. I wanted to attempt this repair myself. What would you suggest in terms of products and techniques. Any h...