How Do You Take Out The Air Filter

The air filter is larger then the area that its in. How do you remove it?

Amp For Alternator

Could you please tell me what the amp is for the above mentioned car. Is it 115 amps or 90 amps?

Audi 200 Overview

The Audi 100 was Audi's first entry into the modern car market. Though introduced in 1968, it lasted until 1994 because it combined quality workmanship, a unique quattro all-wheel drive system that improved stability and handling, and luxury comfort not often seen in a family car.

The Audi 200 is merely an Audi 100 with more upscale standard features and a turbocharged engine that gets a lot more horsepower (217-hp in its last year, 1991) and pickup. If the Audi 100 is Maryann, the Audi 200 is Ginger. Inside either the wagon or sedan, you get leather seats standard. If you're so gauche as to want cloth seats, those come optional. Other comforts that make you feel more important than you are include a power driver's seat with memory, cruise control, and power sunroof. The quattro takes you even further with heated seats, voice-activated cell phone, automatic climate control, and a power adjustable passenger's seat.

The Audi 200 used a lot of designs and engineering from Audi's years of experience producing top-of-the-line race cars. Transporting this technology into a family sedan gave drivers not only something practical, but extremely fun to drive, while also treating them to a few simple pleasures. The comfortable seats, wood-trim, and hermetically sealed interior seemingly cut you off from the outside world so you could fully enjoy your driving experience.

Audi has come to symbolize German devotion to excellence and innovation, and the Audi 100 and 200 set an example that many competitors tried to emulate. Owners have few complaints about the Audi 200, aside from high maintenance costs if and when something does go wrong. Whether you're using it as a family car, a business car, or you're own personal sports car, you'll certainly feel like you're being transported in style.

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