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2019 Volvo V60Review
Paul writes:

I went and saw the car. Overall it looked great - but closer inspection revealed that it had low profile tires which were clearly well worn - something to be concerned about with only 20,000km. Interior was clean but a little sterile looking, the combination of charcoal and light grey wood trim. The car had the famed Bowers and Wilkens sound system. I had driven a new V60 (2021) car with this system and it had a much better sound - so I question whether the sound system was working correctly. Another disappointment for me - there was no HUD - this is an essential element for any car of this price point. I have a Volvo with a HUD and you get used to using it. It felt like I would be going backwards. Overall - the car was nice, but didnt show or feel as well as other new or second hand Volvo V60 / V90 wagons that I have looked at for a second car.

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2020 Volvo V60 Reviews

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