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2009 Ford Taurus X SEL AWDReview
derek234234 writes:

Poor Interior Design And Not User Frienly At All — I have had this car now for 1 year. The seats are very Uncomfortable. The lumbar support is so pronounced its awful. The center stack is very user unfriendly. It takes 6 clicks of a button to save a song on satellite radio. The controls are too low as well, so you have to take your eyes right off the road when trying to change something. And worst of all when changing the heat in the morning from 16 degrees celsius to 32 degress celcius, the hottest temp in the car, you have to click the button 22 times to get there. There is no shortcut according to Ford. Its a joke and a very POOR design. But in short the leather seats are so bad I will have to get rid of the car as they hurt my back that badly. Its also very very hard on gas this vehicle. About 15 miles to the gallon. Lots of problems with the drivers side window as well that continuously stopped working. 5 visits to the Ford Dealership before they were able to locate the problem in a computer chip. Too many issues with car overall.

Primary Use: Family transportation

Pros: drives smoothly on the road

Cons: horrible seats, hard on gas, plastic leather, lumbar center stack, controls too low

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2009 Ford Taurus X LimitedReview
lashbera writes:

The Best Thing A Family Of 6 Like Mine Could Ever Have Bought, Has That Number 1 Rated Ford Quality — I bought a Freestyle for my wife in 06 without her ever even sitting in one, turned out to be the best thing I ever did so we bought the last of the best thing built and she now has a 09 TAURUS X. Sorry to see these awsome cars gone. The 06 never had a single warranty claim, drives 7 like a dream and even better on ice.

Primary Use: Family transportation

Pros: easy to get in and out, drives like a car, excellent traction, decent fuel economy, loved the cvt

Cons: cant get 2010 models

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2009 Ford Taurus X SELReview
Party_of_five_with_dog writes:
Back Seats:
Cargo Capacity:
Family Car:
Fuel Economy:
Front Seats:
Maintenance Cost:

A Practical Choice For Families Where A Sports Sedan Won't Do And A Mini-van Is Too Common —

After reviewing competitive vehicles, I found the Taurus X to stand out in safety, road manners and family capabilities. Even in base SEL trim, the Taurus X is well equipped lacking little more than heated leather seats, 18" wheels (if you like paying more for tires) and a sunroof. I particularly appreciate the driving position and comfort of all seats. Yes, the steering wheel does not telescope but I do not find this an issue. At 5'9", I find the steering wheel to be in a comfortable position. THe SEL also comes standard with reverse sensors which aid parking. Lastly, I like the dash display where you can display fuel economy- driving in this mode really lets the driver know when they are wasting fuel and subtle changes in driving greatly improves fuel economy. Update (Nov 20 2012)- I've owned this car for 2 years and 9 months and traveled 88,000km's. Overall, I'm still very impressed with this car. Since purchasing it new, I can report the following repairs while under warranty- rear seats did not fold properly and had to be dismantled to have parts replaced that were defective and A-pillar interior trim clip broke and had to be replaced. Also, this past summer a relay in the climate control system has acted up (It clicks back and forth several times when the car is started). Repairs outside of warranty- I replaced the OE Continental tires at 55,000kms- they rode well but wore out fast due to treadwear rating of only 360 (60,000kms). I have installed Hankook Optimo H727 tires and these ride as well and have a treadwear rating of 700 and they do well in light snow. I also had the rear brakes replaced at 65,000km's- the fronts were reported to still be like new but the rotors have had hard spots which are annoying when the brakes heat up under heavy braking. A significant defect in the car is the roof racks. I purchased Thule cross members from the dealership (>$400) but they only install on the front 24inches of the roof rails which seriously are like 5ft long. These Thule cross members were obviously carried over from the Freestyle when the entire length of the roof rail was elevated. In the Taurus X, the rear half of the roof rail is flush with the roof and this prevents the Thule cross members from be shifted rearwards. There are aftermarket cross members which have feet which install in the top track of the rail but I have been advised by Ford, Thule and Rack Attack not to use this feature. Even the Owner's manual says when using roof racks to install as far back as possible- I guess the engineers and product support people didn't check to see if what they wrote made sense. I have purchased a small lockable cargo trailer to tow on holidays and the cargo trailer is set up to have a roof bag installed on top of it. This cargo trailer is fantastic and tows well and now I have enough room to take anything we might want to. The fuel economy is reasonably close to what Ford advertises but definately deteriorates in heavy commuting traffic and in winter. I still love the car and will keep it for many more years. It is a very practical car for a family. It still looks and rides like a new car. UPDATE- (Nov 26 2013- My Taurus X now has 112,000km's and since my last update it has only required preventative maintenance, fuel and a single taillight bulb- really phenomenal. The dealership has told me the front brake pads and rotors will likely need replacing around 125,000kms. The body of the car is still perfect and looks like new with the exception of a couple of door dings. The finish on the aluminum wheels is starting to deteriorate around the edges after three winters and four summers of driving. I have to say that overall I am really pleased with this car - the best I've ever owned. UPDATE- (Feb 22, 2015)- My Taurus X now has 142,500km's and since my last update it has only required oil changes and the front brake were replaced at 127,000km's. When the front brakes were replaced, all the vibration issues went away and have not returned. I am very happy about the front brake issue being resolved. I used the car and trailer to move my daughter our to the east coast. We had the car loaded entirely with only the two front seats usable. Fully loaded this way, the car still attined 9 L/100kms which impressed me. The apprearance of the car is still exceptional- I found a little surface rust underneath the front hood (about 1.5" long along the front seam) this fall and a little under the tailgate (again about 1.5" long along the seam). Neither of these little rust spots can be seen from the exterior of the car. I will fix these spots in the spring.This car is incredibly reliable and since the most significant part of its depreciation is over, I will likely own it for many years to come.

Primary Use: Family transportation

Pros: ride quality, handling, standard features, space for seven

Cons: fuel economy could still be better, roof racks are not practical, needs bigger front disc brakes to handle the weight

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2009 Ford Taurus X Limited Review
Guru9K5PV says:
love it
vs2010 Jeep Commander Limited
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Displaying all 2009 Ford Taurus X reviews reviews.

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