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2008 Ferrari F430Review
Greg writes:

Better! Had a 360 Modena now I have a F430.

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2009 Ferrari F430 Reviews

Review By Guru9QP8MM

I think this cars features are gorgeous, classy, and it’s one of my favorites. I would compare it to the 290 Europe, that car is a one of a kind, just like this one Read More

Fun To Drive, Expensive, But Worth It. By Alexx

I don't drive it much because the gas mileage is like 17 hwy, it is made of carbon fiber inside and out, and super fast. the biggest setback was tires and an oil change but, if you have the money go f... Read More

2007 Ferrari F430 Reviews

Review By Srinivasmanthena

Awesome car to drive. It is the last naturally aspirated engine car Read More

Review By GuruG8XYK

The F430 Ferrari is an amazing car ! Great value Read More

2006 Ferrari F430 Reviews

Review By Guru9NVJQ7

If the dealer or car does not have a full maintenance record. I wouldnt buy it. Especially on these cars. I have owned 2 Ferrari and 2 Porsches. Always have had service records to the birth of the car... Read More

Review By Greg

I previously owned a 2003 Ferrari 360 Modena and then bought a lower mileage 2006 Ferrari F430 Couple with the F1 transmission. The F1 transmission on the F430 is a BIG improvement from the 360 that I... Read More

2005 Ferrari F430 Reviews

Very Ok By ted_1

the car runs great milege at 18500 the coupe really looksmuch better than the spider and it is more ferrari looking. it is a jet not a sport car as far as relaxing to drive rather drive an... Read More

The Most Incredible Thing I Have Ever Driven!!!!!!!! By Daniel

The power and handling of this car is simply incredible!!! I have never and will never again drive a car of such status. You are pretty much the coolest person ever if you own one of these. Read More

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