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2004 Volvo V40Review
Guru9CP3NP writes:

I owned one of these for several years and have missed it ever since it was totaled by a cell-phone distracted driver. It is the perfect smaller sized wagon, has good performance decent gas mileage and looks great. Very reliable - zero problems in three years.

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2004 Volvo V40Review
Judith writes:

I love this car! It is old, yes, but after it has some repair & work done cosmetically, it will last quite awhile longer! I just don’t have the means to fix it up, now, so must give it up- don’t want to☹️ It rates up there with the best of the best! Better than they all are! A sound car, good motor, solid all around - VOLVO is a top-of-the-line car! I can’t compare this car to another- a stand-alone automobile! People who have one keep them! Love them! Can’t compare them! I would own all Volvos if I had the $$$!!!

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Displaying all 2004 Volvo V40 reviews reviews.

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2003 Volvo V40 Reviews

God Car By Martin

a bit slow to accellerate has a smaller turn ratio than my golf II Matinance is easy looks rael nige fuel consumption is 10l pr 100 km cost araund 200 euro pr year to maintain (first year) YES I'S ... Read More

V40 Delight By MacGarver

I bought this car initially for my wife to drive our kids around. However, with the price of gas hitting all time highs, it quickly replaced my SUV and became my daily commuter. I bought it used (a le... Read More

2002 Volvo V40 Reviews

Review By Hugh

I enjoyed the cars trim, ride, and handling. Seat was a bit snug for my frame, pick up on freeway just adequate. Reminded me most of a Subaru Outback I recently drove. Read More

Great Car By joshwalter

A really great car that is fund to drive. It is very reliable and rides well. The cost of ownership is low. We've keep thorough records and always used the top oil for maintenance. I highly recomm... Read More

2001 Volvo V40 Reviews

Nice Family Car, Enough Storage For Three, Get The Horrizontal Roof Rack It Helps, By sportfamily1

Lots of turbo lag at low rpms. Confort in driver seat is les than desireable, all the others are perfect. Only seats two adults in back, but what do you expect from a entry level sedan wagon. But once... Read More

What Is That? A Toyota, A Ford? "no, It's A Volvo!" By Andrew

Performance: When tuned up properly and serviced regularly, even tho' it's only a "low pressure" Turbo, it ROCKS! Build Quality: What you would expect from the "entry level" of the Volvo line...it tri... Read More

2000 Volvo V40 Reviews

Easy To Drive, Semi Luxurious And A Good Fit For Me. By Michael

Nice little wagon with upscale looks and safety features. I think its very distinctive and relatively rare on the road. I also like supporting my Scandinavian heritage. After all, they explored North ... Read More

2000 Volvo V40 4 Dr Turbo Wagon By David

Peformance: Very smooth, reasonably quick. Brakes are good, Handling nice and tight, unexpectedly good. Build Quality: All good. Appearence: Very nice, discreet. Cost of ownership: Good on fuel and ch... Read More

1998 Volvo V40 Reviews

Brilliant Car Would Be Reluctant To Sell By Daz

what can i say i love it , she has the lot heated seats , leather , just great .This car is a good all rounder it has all what a family could need and all what a single guy could want , it has the l... Read More

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