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2004 Mercedes-Benz G-ClassReview
gus writes:

Best deal ever. I am very pleased at this

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2004 Mercedes-Benz G-ClassReview
Guru94KKS8 writes:

It’ s a great car. The features have met my expectation

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2004 Mercedes-Benz G-Class G 500Review
Bobby writes:

Very Solid — Drove reasonably well, not as well as I expected but perhaps the G55 was more what I had in mind, acceleration was very smooth, ride was smooth too, but handling was a bit odd given the stance. It felt very solid and planted, but the seating position gave a strange feeling as if you were about to "fall off". It was nice but I'm not sure I would enjoy owning one. Very quiet, but the placement of the windshield made it feel as if you would hit it with your face in a quick stop. To close for my taste. Almost vertical from the bottom of the dash. The Land Rover on the other hand, also has a pretty steep windshield, but from the driver's seat, you can strech your arms out directly inform of you, and not touch it. Though the Mercedes is bigger, the Land Rover feels more spacious for that reason.

Pros: looks, reputation

Cons: seating position

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Displaying all 2004 Mercedes-Benz G-Class reviews reviews.

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