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2000 Plymouth Grand VoyagerReview
Guru91736W writes:

For as old as the card is, it is running very well. Forgot this year still had tape decks as a top option lol

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2000 Plymouth Grand Voyager SE FWDReview
Angie writes:

Great Family Vehicle! — We love the look of this van. The two sliding doors are great for getting the kids in and out. Bucket seats in the middle row make getting in the third seat easier, especially with 3 carseats! Road noise isn't all the bad, much better than our previous vehicles.

Pros: Great engine, smooth ride, plenty of room for the whole family!

Cons: High miles, some sratches in paint

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Displaying all 2000 Plymouth Grand Voyager reviews reviews.

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Everyones Typical Mini Van By psmeds

This was one of the highest selling mini vans of its day. I really enjoyed how it rode, driving it is another story. Slightly underpowered, and VERY heavy. Although surprisingly good in snow/ice condi... Read More

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A wonderful multipurpose vehicle. Minimum maintenance necessary. Watch for A/C problems over time. Exhaust system is a bit pricey - especially with a catalytic convertor. Keep an eye on brake wear. ... Read More

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I Like this car because its a family Car If we go on a trip with your Family you can go with 10 people to 12 people. so thats why i like this car i dont think its bad. i like this car/van alot... Read More

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i love my mini van i gets me from a to b and its been good other than a few problems but what can i say it's a 96 mini van and i don't drive slow i'm 25 not 95 Read More

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I love my van because it has plenty of room ( kids need it), gets great gas mileage, and easy to drive. I sue to hate the idea of buying a minivan, but once I had my two monsters, we needed the room f... Read More

Not As Good As My 1994 Grand Voyager. By Matt

Basically the same minivan with a smaler engine (3.0 vs 3.3.) seems starting having engine issues sooner and much more frequent than my 1994 that is still going at 190,000mi. I like minivans but they... Read More

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A Reasonable Workhorse But Don't Plan Long Term Ownership. I Still See Them On The Road, Though. By Christian

At the time, this van was the best driving all wheel drive available. It was much more refined that the offerings from Ford or Chevy, or, for that matter, Toyota. Quality was so-so, and it needed on... Read More

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