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1999 Mercury Tracer LS Sedan FWDReview
William writes:

Fun Little Ford — so far 30 mpg highly enterchangeable with a Ford Escort so Aftermarket parts are widely available second engine to this particular Tracer 1st dropped a valve seat at 148,000 miles new engine runs like a top i love my tracer would only trade it for a supra

Primary Use: Commuting to work

Pros: Its Small gutsy and quick

Cons: its SMALL

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1998 Mercury Tracer Reviews

Get This Car If You Want To Pay Less Than $2k, And Want Low Cost Of Maintenance By Oz

Performance - accelaeration is wimpy, around 9 seconds 0-60; braking isn't too touchy and easy to control; handling is amazing, make any move with ease Build Quality - Never needs repairs, only had to... Read More

Great To Drive Around By Licker

Never needed any repairs, great gas mileage. I like its performance, only a 4-cylinder, but accelerates quickly due to its very light weight. Amazing just for travelling and going from Point A to Poin... Read More

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Its A Good Car By Amjad

performance: it is so stong its fast and its braking and handling is perfect build quality: it is a strong car it doesnt need repairs every now and then appearance: its fair cost of ownership: it is e... Read More

The body holds up But little things start going wrong after 135xxx miles. But overall a great lil car that get GREAT mpg Wich is a + for everybody these days. I Have to say i love driving it. Very sma... Read More

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A Sporty Sedan For The Kids By Robert

performance it was a 1.9L sohc 4 cylinder it had somewat okay acceleration nothing spectacular easy on fuel as far as build quality very basic and boring to look at inside appearance it looked okay on... Read More

Not A Bad Vehicle, But Would Never Buy One (mine Was Free) By Matt

It's not a bad vehicle for the year. It is overall a somewhat decent car with low mileage. Once the 100,000 mile mark comes, it starts to have some problems. I would not recommend anyone buying one if... Read More

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I Loved This Car! By Ali

"Bubba" was an amazing car. For how old she was, she ran decent and I was very happy that I got to work on her myself. lol. Though she looked very beat up on the inside and out she ran great and we've... Read More

My First Car!! And I Love It! By Kirsten

I love my car because it was very cheap and runs really great! Performance - never breaks down Build Quality - it has needed some repairs... Appearance - it is pretty beat up, but its pink Cost of Ow... Read More

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The Piecer By rbrttores2

its my first car i bought at an auction,it gets me everywhere faster but has been running off my wallet since i got it.had to replace a lot of fuses bought a new catalytic converter and replaced t... Read More

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