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1999 GMC Sonoma 2 Dr SL Standard Cab LBReview

Its A Solid Truck. —

Performance- The acceleration leaves something to be desired but it is definetly decent. The braking is awesome when the truck is empty but when its fully loaded and towing it can be a little scary. It handles like a dream from tight corners to hitting hills at high speeds. Build quality - The only repairs ive had to make are 1 ball joint a clutch and slave cylinder alternator and sending unit. for 120,000 miles thats not to be unexpected. Aside from those issues it ran like a dream constantly without a rattle or squeak. Appearance- Ill be blunt. It looks like a toy. People see it and say " aw look at the cute little red truck" Which is not a bad thing but there are definetly areas that could be improved like the rear bumper and the dash. Cost of ownership- Well this is going to be hard to belive running a 2.2L 4 cyl and a 5 speed manual i could squeeze 32 mpg out of it if i was behaving and not romping on the gas. The parts are cheap, from the 14$ ball joint to the 100$ clutch none of them made me think " Jesus i might as well just buy a new car" Which is exactly what you want in my opinion. Fun Factor- Its fun.

Primary Use: Utility (towing boats, transporting cargo, etc.)

Pros: If you need something reliable with more cargo room than the average car

Cons: If you dont want to be seen driving something cute

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1999 GMC Sonoma 2 Dr SLS Sport Extended Cab Stepside SBReview

??? — Goes like hell love the step side look, white with gray racing stripes, preforms well proabaly would do better if i did the breaks, I drive around a lot love to cruse in it but the cost of gas is starting to get to me

Primary Use: Commuting to work

Pros: Got if for a pretty good price and it runs well

Cons: Need to work some more hours to pay for the gas and it needs some body work

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Displaying all 2 1999 GMC Sonoma reviews.

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Good For The Price. By archituethi

Great for the price, but would not recommend a 4 CYL truck or for anyone with a decent sized family. Reliable so far, minimum maintenance required. If they still made them, I'd buy a new one, just w... Read More

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Performance: handles great, enough body roll at 130km/h then i would like but its a truck Build quality: well put together Fun Factor: i live near lots of dirt roads and trails so this truck is d... Read More

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i payed a grand for it and it blue books for 4800 so when i get all the bugs worked out of it so far so good runs very well has plenty of power the 4x4 works well it likes the mudd Read More

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The GMC Sonoma is a very dependable truck that can handle small to medium towing loads. The extended cab leaves room for a third person or additional storage. The V6 gets about 15 mpg in the city an... Read More

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It's 6 cyl engine is capable, however, I'm used to the power of my Corvette. This is a great truck for hauling and in the snow and ice. I've never gotten stuck in the snow, it will climb up a wall i... Read More

Sonoma By Michael

Good little truck, drifts when pavement is wet though. Fuel Mileage isn't great. The V6 is nice, good starts. No serious issues and its a GM so parts are readily available. It's great to drive. Tows... Read More

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Very nice pick up. great starter vehicles for a son or daughter . easy handling, good fuel mileage. been kept clean and oil changes done. also over time when something broke down it was fixed as soo... Read More

Good Buy For Anyone That Just Needs A Ride By William

In my opinion, this truck is good for what I need it for. Performance is good. Not fast but it will get up and go. Pretty fun to drive most of the time unless you crash in it. For just driving, it's... Read More

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I Love This Truck. By candy98

I enjoy getting in my truck and driving it. I am in the process of modifying it. She has a little rust on the body( cab only), and the tailgate is ate up . I bought it last year from a buddy of mine. ... Read More

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Well, I was honestly sad to get rid of this one. I'd had it for about 10 years, but it was finally time to move on. When I traded it in for my G6, the dealer told me that he didn't know what I was d... Read More

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