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1997 GMC Safari 3 Dr SLT Passenger Van ExtendedReview

Great For The Family — owned 4 3 years never had any major probs great family vehicle. good fuel economy. was a cheep overall buy. never had any major break downs, great power out of the 4.3 ltr vortec v6. it has paid for its self more than once.

Primary Use: Family transportation

Pros: great family vehicle

Cons: its a van

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1997 GMC Safari 3 Dr SLX Passenger Van ExtendedReview

1997 Gmc Safari Rwd Slx — i own a 1997 gmc safari, awesome vehicle, i have a well abused 238 thou km's on it and still runs like new i have loaded the back of it up with patio stone once to the point that the leaf spring didn't have any more give to them lol but it towed it like nothing. it's a good strong 4.3l engine in it. like any other chevy i needed to replace an alternator but i never had any problems with the engine itself. considering it's on a full size truck frame and the size of it it gets great gas milege i think i get around 23mpg highway and that's going about 140kph lol belts are always sqeaking on it though, but nothing majour has went on it yet mine does 0-60 stone stock with both of the back seats out and i had it going 160 once wich was terrifying because it's not meant or that and the whole thing shook like crazy but it's nice highway comfort

Pros: amazing towing power, fair acceleration, sweet sounding exhaust, tough well made quality overall

Cons: on the highway when there is wind you get blown all over the place, not meant for high speeds

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1997 GMC Safari 3 Dr SLT Passenger Van ExtendedReview

1997 Gmc Safari —

In my mind the GMC Safari Van is one of the most versitile vehicles that was available. It is solidly built and utilitarian, but is still comfortable enogh for every day life. The 4.3L V6 has enough power to pull loads that are in the range of pick-up trucks. We have used our van to pull a full size pick-up on a full car trailer and still have enogh power to pass those slower cars. The throttle response is a little slow at times, but when it does kick in it will accelerate very quickly when not loaded. With the bucket seats in the second row makes it is very comfortable on longer drives. Interior is rugged, but nice enogh that it isn't sore on the eyes. Only a few problems with the a/c ,but that is not unusual for most vehicles of this age. On the outside this type of van looks good. The one we have has the running boards and slight fender flares, which makes it look lower and cleaner. The major down side to this type of van is the lesser gas milage that it gets. Some of the other downsides of larger vehicles apply to this van. Large blindspots and larger turning circle are two of the biggest problems, but if you can deal with these this is a great vehicle. When you can get your groceries, a couple sheets of ply wood, some 2x4's, tow a camper trailer, and get the kids from sports its a great all round vehicle.

Pros: Rear-wheel drive, capability to do loads of different tasks, sit up higher than most other vans.

Cons: Lower gas mileage, larger turning circle, larger blindspots.

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Displaying all 3 1997 GMC Safari reviews.

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Cadet The Safari By Kenny

This vehicle handles like crap because of its massive size. This vehicle could use more power but would sacrifice even more on fuel mileage. This is not a fun vehicle to drive and its not a pretty v... Read More

Safari Conversion By Wayne

We bought this van and immediately hit the road for a 5000+ mile trip. The GMC part of the van is great, but the aftermarket custom conversion parts of it is junk. I will never buy a new vehicle wi... Read More

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Love It. By Cathy

Great comfortable van for traveling on long trips. It takes us to Florida every year since we've owned her. Very strong tough truck has been through hell and back. Would highly recommend this vehicle.... Read More

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Decent. By Marie-Ann

Ok its an alright right van but it is ugly.... Its great capacity! One thing is though it doesnt like rain so be ready for jolting and crappy starting. Also it is very good at hauling so thats a humbs... Read More

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CONVERSION VAN. Excellent for family travel. In spite of what many others say, we never had any major repairs in last 9 years. The only repair was the actuator(?) on driver door stopped working an... Read More

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IT GETS GOOD MILEAGE FOR ALL WHEEL DRIVE. It is my daily driver it handles anything i need it to do. I bought it used and only replaced head gaskets. Not a bad investment if i say so myself could hav... Read More

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1998 GMC Safari Reviews

Its A Great Family Car And Or Busnes Car For Transporting Cargo By Deathjam4

I owned one for 5 years put over 250k on mine til at 418 k it blew the front crank seal. i was disheartened when i sold it due to not having the money to repair it as i would still be driving it to th... Read More

Great Work Van By Vishaal

well it was my first what can i say everyone has to love their first whip rust and all but it was completly gutted so it was a shelll with 2 seats and a 190 hp vortech engine ive left plenty of civics... Read More

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