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1992 Dodge RAM 150 2 Dr STD Standard Cab LBReview
Cargo Capacity:
Fuel Economy:
Front Seats:
Maintenance Cost:

Would Get Another — good mpg dependable good pick up good load capicity 280 hp not bad for stock very simple to work on never had a prob with tranny only put a clutch in it not bad on back roads will do any thing a 3/4 ton will do no prob

Primary Use: Utility (towing boats, transporting cargo, etc.)

Pros: dam good truck

Cons: finding a parking spot sucks

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1992 Dodge RAM 150 2 Dr STD Standard Cab LBReview

Swell — Uh, it only broke down once. Ive ran it out of gas twice though. Its good, it goes when I want it to. Just needs a deeper sound and Ill never give it up, not even to my dad, who actually owns it.

Primary Use: Commuting to work

Pros: Awesomeness

Cons: Havent hit 100 mph yet....

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1992 Dodge RAM 150Review

Excellent Service, Only Owner, 134,000 Miles — I have only had minor issues with this van since I bought it new. It still runs strong. Occasionally, the van will stall in various types of situations. After waiting for about 5 minutes it will generally start without extended cranking.

Owner for 15 years, 2 months

Miles Driven per Year:8,600

Pros: low maintenance cost

Cons: mileage 12- 15 mpg

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1992 Dodge RAM 150 2 Dr STD Extended Cab LB Review
This was my first vehicle that my dad helped me get when I was seventeen. The previous owner only drove 126,000 miles on it and the interior was perfect. When we bough the truck it had some sludge or bad gas in the tank which caused it to stall a lot but we cleaned it out. I am 22 now and the truck has made a drive from Louisiana to North Carolina there and back. It has made a drive from Louisiana to Florida, and most recently it even made a cross country trip from Florida to Washington! I love this truck, it has its problems like any other older truck would have. To own this truck it takes patience, love, and care. Also, keep in mind parking is hard with these trucks, especially if you have the extended cab, long bed. Overall 4/5.
vs1992 Ford F-150 S Extended Cab LB
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Displaying all 4 1992 Dodge RAM 150 reviews.

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Idk By Brad

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bad ass light duty truck not fast or as strong as the 2500s but it gets the job done just as good the bad ------ passanger door, rockers and the steering is some times messed up but still would never ... Read More

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I liked this truck mostly for its looks, sat high and just had a tough look. Also the truck was built like a tank and could take a beating. Unfortunately the 318 just didn't have the power for hauling... Read More

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