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1990 Mercury Topaz LS Sedan FWDReview
Kyle writes:

Buy It If Its Under 1k. Its A Fun Car That You Can Roll And No One Cares. — Tim is a solid little car. Comfy seats. Not the worst looking either. Stayed in good condition considering its older than I am, only had to fix the breaks so far. Sadly though, NO BALLS. 95hp. And not the best on gas.

Primary Use: Commuting to work

Pros: Its cheap, fun to beat around in.

Cons: Its a piece.

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1990 Mercury Topaz GS Sedan FWDReview
Ryan writes:

Stay Away! —

I owned this car for about 4 months over the winter. First I got this car for $250 and for a reason at that. This car is very easy to break, the driver side window does not work the transmission sticks, the trunk leaks almost ruining my $1,000 computer equipment. It breaks a lot and needs to be highly maintained just to keep it on the road. For a little 98hp you would think it gets good mileage WRONG it get 23 in the city and 28 on the highway, thats just terrible. I was at an intersection one day and it just died in the middle of the road on the way to school. A very embarrasing moment. I had to push it off the road in to a ditch because the police made me get it out of the way. Then the battery died along with that problem. That cost about $300 to fix. Then the new alternator died shortly there after. I got another, the problem was that the steering pump was going out that caused it which I don't know how. This car has no modern traction control at all and that caused me to crash when I hit a heavey patch of ice. A single rear trailing arm broke. That part is no longer made, Dealer price was $400 for the part. So I had to go to the junkyard to get a used part and get that fixed for $300. The stories just keeping going over and over. I had the car and drove it to 98,000 miles until just the social embarrasment of having caused me to put it out for sale on my front lawn for $2500. It sold in two hours for $1900 which is laughable. I think the parents buying it for their daughter wanted her to have terrible car on purpose. AVOID TOPAZS WITH YOUR LIFE THIS WAS A NICE ONE!!!

Pros: Ummm... its a conversation piece?

Cons: Too much to list!

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Displaying all 1990 Mercury Topaz reviews reviews.

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