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Ali writes:
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My Cressida — i loved this car. the 5MGE I-6 gave plenty of power to the Rear Wheels... this car loved to launch when u hit it hard at a light... it darted and was very fun!.. the torque this motor had was amazing it pulled good at almsot all speeds.... fastest its gon was 125ish i think i pinned it at 130 with the revs screaming... motor didnt leak a drop of oil or anything.... Tranny eventually went i bought the car knowing it had a tranny issue... would start in 3rd or 2nd gear unless fully warmed up.... but putting it into 1st was the only way to get it into first... also coming out of 1st going into 2nd a really nasty jerk that makes the tires chrip... its as if the clutch was dumped going into 2nd... but went away when warmed up...

Primary Use: Family transportation

Pros: great car id buy another one and take good care of it and maintain the transmission as well the first day i decided to take one home......

Cons: i hated nothing about this car.....i wish it was easier to to just throw another tranny in.. the car had nearly 200k on it.. and i go the car for 200 bucks! so it wasnt worth the stress of the tranny but i feel bad i had to let it go

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