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1987 Oldsmobile ToronadoReview
Jeremy writes:

1987 Toronado Fe3 —

The 1987 Oldsmobile Toronado was a rare car to begin with, which meant finding parts to keep it going was tough. I bought it with 114K miles and sold it with 277K miles and it was still running strong on the original motor. Performance was adequate with 150 HP, cold air intake, Camaro high-performance muffler, high-flow catalytic converter, upgraded fuel pressure regulator, and all new suspension bushings. It needed its fair share of repairs for a car with this many miles, including multiple fuel pumps, transmission rebuild (shift kit added), and eventually brake and fuel line replacements due to rust. The appearance of the car got better over time as I blacked out the silver two-tone and added Trofeo ground effects. The interior was turned from a cloth bench into a grip-shift center console from a Trofeo and Cadillac Eldorado leather seats. There were 88 buttons on the dash for every function imaginable, including self-diagnostics, which led me to repair other people's Toronados on the side. Since I bought the car for $2500 in 1994 and sold it for $1200 in 2003, cost of ownership was minimal. Gas mileage averaged 25 MPG. The car was fun to drive, and it was nice to have a car no one else had - except for my buddy Rocco Spagnolo, who inspired me to get this car in the first place. That lead to many fun races with identical cars. Rocco updated to a 1992 Trofeo and still had it the last I saw him.

Pros: Unique, Interior with Self-Diagnostics, All Black, All the Luxury One Could Have in the 80's.

Cons: Required major repairs after about 150K miles.

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1987 Oldsmobile ToronadoReview
Nic writes:

Nice 80's Style Muscle — drives nice, has a 302ci V8 engine, nice inteior, very good looking car

Pros: 302ci V8, comfy  seats looks very good

Cons: digital gauges, kinda heavy so the 302 is restricted, gas gauge was broken

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Displaying all 1987 Oldsmobile Toronado reviews reviews.

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