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1985 Saab 900Review
Cyrus writes:
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Good First Car. Very Safe — Very narrow and long car so it is a bit strange to drive at first. You may notice a slight instability at high speeds... This is easily fixed by putting spacers on the front wheels. No power steering on a front heavy front wheel drive 1250 kg car takes a bit of getting used to.

Primary Use: Commuting to work

Pros: Brilliant in winter, absolutly unbeatable.

Cons: too slow, of course the later models had more power.

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1985 Saab 900Review
Gus writes:

Great Car — This is a great car that I got a great price on. It's a sporty, classic car. It is the most ingeniously created car I have ever owned. Everything about it is made to make life easier. It's big enough in the hatchback to sleep in. The turbo is a blast.

Primary Use: Commuting to work

Pros: Fun. Unique. Sporty. TURBO.

Cons: Potential turbo problems

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1985 Saab 900Review
Dusty writes:

Don't Really Know What This Is — performance the acceleration is excellent its a little heavy it has 250k miles on it and it was running like new cost I didn't have to put any oil in it from day to day. I don't think i had to purchase anything for it while it was running parts are hard to come by fun factor funnest car i have driven

Pros: Great gas mileage, quick car

Cons: I crashed it

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1985 Saab 900Review
Hugh writes:

Brilliant Engineering, Faster Than An Rsx-s, Safer Than A Volvo, More Reliable Than A Honda. —

Perhaps the design isn't for everyone, and most of the time it's a love-it-or-hate-it styling, but for me, I love it! From its long front end and sloped rear end, to its longitundinally mounted engine with a chain-driven transmission to the centre console ignition switch, the Saab 900 is one of the most unique cars ever to be created. The first electronically controlled turbo boost system, the APC, was first used on the 900's predecessor, the 99 Turbo, in 1978, and has since been fine tuned for the 900 Turbo. This allows for boost to safely build to within the engine's limits without sacrificing power or reliability, thus making the system adaptable even to today's applications. The Saab APC has been adapted by other enthusiasts to be used on modern-day boost applications such as SRT, Volvo, japanese, and other N/A and even turbo cars. Among such features as safety and reliability, the performance of this 170HP car is far from limited. Though difficult to find, performance options such as an upgraded APC, suspension parts, fuel mapping, bigger injectors, front-mount intercooler, performance valve springs, cams, upgraded cam followers, direct ignition, and even custom fuel computers are out there. Also because of the excellent APC system, installing a better-mapped turbo is easily done without sacrificing driveability and reliability. The modifications to this very car include: Afco 650# adjustable rear springs, Black Diamond 550# adjustable front springs, Koni adjustable shocks, 6000k HID headlight system, 3" wide-bend down pipe with full 3" turbo-back exhaust, Magnaflow 3"-in-3"-out muffler, 3" flowthrough cat, custom 12"x18"x3" front-mount intercooler with 2.5" aluminum piping, modified APC, 3 bar FPR, 30# injectors with JSP stage 1 fueling chip, and uprated carbon clutch disc and pressure plate, as well as a few new carbon fibre gauges, a short shifter, some Momo interior stuff, and a knock LED. The alignment has been given a -1.7* camber as well. In the works are: 17" mesh rims with Falken Azenis RT-615 215/40/R17 tires, GT28RS turbo, SD Red Type APC, SD aluminum flywheel, new slot dimpled brake rotors, and hopefully custom mapped MS 1 system with wideband and 3-bar MAP. No, I haven't dyno'ed it yet, but one day...! As far as what has been repaired in the car, almost everything! PS pump, water pump, clutch slave and master cylinders, brake master cylinder and brake booster, headgasket, head has been rebuilt, battery relocated, most filters and bushings, CV boot and inner boot, belts, transmission, instrument cluster, suspension, headlights, radiator and rad support, bumpers, windshield, etc. all by my own hands. Perhaps this raises doubts with people who are questioning its reliability. But when considering most of these parts were first time replacements over 23 years, and some only because it was a restoration project, those figures start looking pretty good! Ever heard of the Saab 1-million mile engine? Yep, it's been done before, on a 900, with only 2 transmission swaps! Oh, and at 340k km's on the car, it's still very young and very raceable! One note to those endeavouring on this journey: it's worth it to buy quality parts! The car is easy to work on and roomy (both for the passengers and for the mechanic) too! But the question is why would you do all this when you can buy a decent, more modern used car instead? Aside from the fact that modern cars are all computer operated, tightly packed, and made difficult to repair for the DIY enthusiast, the Saab 900 is a lot of car! You wouldn't think so just looking at it, but it's built for serious drivers, and professional drivers; people who actually know how to drive. The car is responsive, agile, and extremely fun to drive! Compared to other cars I've driven such as BMW's, Porsches, Audis, Hondas, Acuras, etc., it provides much more feedback to the driver and is quicker to react to your every move than any other car I've driven. The industry-rare double-wishbone dual-control arm suspension is its strongest point and allows the car to do almost anything the driver wants, from s-curves to high-speed hairpins to power slides. As for fuel economy, 26mpg is still pretty amazing for a 23-year old car, and I've heard of others getting up to 38mpg! Do yourself a favour, go and test drive one of these babies while you still can. If the owner'll let you. Because they're absolutely amazing, and only getting rarer and rarer!

Pros: Extremely full of feedback, you can feel every bump on the road and every rpm of the engine.  Superb suspension and steering is very responsive, and cornering is tight and controlled.  Very unique car with unique styling, which still turns heads from teens to grandparents!  Super fun car to drive, and reliability is second to none.  Power and acceleration is not bad, but mods can improve on that.

Cons: Weak gearbox for mods, needs to be strengthened if going over 250HP.  Fuel economy could be a bit better, but not bad.  With a type 6 primary drive,  3500rpm at 120km/hr (5.5k redline) on 5th; better with type 7 or type 8.

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Displaying all 1985 Saab 900 reviews reviews.

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