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1969 Datsun 510Review
Dilbert writes:

Hard To Beat Reliable Japanese Drive-train And Body — Bought it new in 1969 for $2050 out the door! Used it hard for everything from Auto-X to Off Road and every day driver! Good handling with tires and minor suspension mods, Weber DGV carb helped a lot! Great car for 4-up touring and a lot cheaper than BMW 2002 [a great Japanese copy of 2002, but with somewhat dated American styling]

Primary Use: Sport/fun (spirited driving, track racing, off-roading, etc.)

Pros: Great, inexpensive copy of BMW 2002

Cons: Somewhat quirky American styling

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1969 Datsun 510Review
Christian writes:

U Need To Be Mechanically Minded To Own One Of These Babys — unbeatable performance wont find many 4 cyls that can blow away 6s and 8s even with standard 1600 motor your due for some great fun pretty well only needed rust repairs over the last 10 yrs ive owned it payed about the same price to buy them outright when first came out in 68 and sell for more then original value nowadays wont find any of these babys unrusted or undamaged

Primary Use: Commuting to work

Pros: rear wheel action drift smoke shows

Cons: speeding burnout and undue noise fines

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Displaying all 1969 Datsun 510 reviews reviews.

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Dandy Little Sedan- By migration_judge_roy

Was working as a mechanic when a customer 'bailed' on it, because the waterpump let loose the fan and fan clutch into the radiator. The customer did not want to pony up for a new radiator, so we were... Read More

The Cutest Darn Wagon A Person Could Own. By migration_judge_roy

It did everything. There were plenty of them in the boneyards, so modification was easy. the tranny was taken from a 280SX and required a custom shifter because it was set off the pattern by about t... Read More

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Bmw Killer By dougcus

I LOVE that I found one....and a 2 door to boot! Very popular in SCCA racing...handle like crazy...still can find these at the track today...so many have been built into race cars...mine is still mos... Read More

The Most Fun You Can Have In A Cheap Car By Josh

Its so much fun and it has great character about it. It is for sure a project car as there are many problems with it, especially from the previous owner, but it is super easy to work on. It handles ... Read More

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Best Value For Money By safariclassic

Best drivers car in world, very easy to maintain, most service can be done yourself. Very cheap spares. Very quick around corners, beginners rally or sports car. Cheap entry lever competitive car. Exc... Read More

Would Like To Get Another One Day By Ray

this was the most fun car I've ever owned, cornered like it was on rails, it was really fast and a lot of fun to drive, I used to put it into a four wheel drift in tight corners, really super fun, fin... Read More

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1.6cc,double Carburator 1970-sss Model By Kalaivanan

earlier was red in color,recently i changed it into yellow.i did my own custom skirtings n spoilers Read More

Peppy, Factory Built Rally Car By Jay281

over designed suspention to rival all new cars designed for rally racing ugly but in a good way Read More

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Get That Datsun Difference ! By Toby

THE DATSUN 1600 has great power to weight,full independent suspension,over head cam,lots of mechanical parts are compatible from other models in the nissan range .australia's favourite rally car !.eas... Read More

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I cruise a lot by myself in the Dime. I live in the mountains, so the roads are all twisty, and change elevation. I just love it when a ricer or Mustang tries to keep up . Most of them out HP me, but ... Read More

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