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1969 Chevrolet BlazerReview

1969-1975 Chevy Blazer — ok to Fix misconceptions of these trucks NO WE DIDN"T CUT THE TOPS OFF THEY"RE STOCK CONVERTABLES. Ok now Chevy made the blazer to compete with Fords Bronco. Chevy out sold Ford within the first year of production. They cam standard with a 350 V-8 and had opptional inline-6 and big block motors and were 4-wheel drive al standard now you could order one with the two wheel drive package also the rear seats were easily removed with 4 hood pin style pins. The had no shoulder restraints thus why in 1975 the Chevy blazer went to the half-top convertable for demand of shoulder restraints for better safty which is why Blazers are a good platform for a resto if you like a truck/suv but also a convertable go old school if you like a truck low but want a covertable go with the two wheel drive and SLAM it

Owner for 3 years, 5 months

Miles Driven per Year:30,000

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1969 Chevrolet Blazer Review
Great 4x4 all parts interchangeable and dependable
vs1969 Ford Bronco
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Displaying all 2 1969 Chevrolet Blazer reviews.

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This car has been good to. It 2 doors which makes it a bit smaller therefore quite easy to park. I has a great turning radius for tight U-turns. Extremely easy to see all sides when reverse parking. M... Read More

Blazers Rule By Randy

gr8 vehicle......comfy to drive and has been 100% reliable fuel economy isnt that gr8 but overall it has been the best vehicle ive ever bought... only other thing is the back hatch button has been a p... Read More

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Blazer. Tried And True 2004 By Garth

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More dislikes than likes. Not too much power, too little for the poor fuel mileage to compensate for. Other than recent problems it did its job fairly and really no complaints about the 4wd. That act... Read More

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Very Good I Have 88 Thousand On A 2003 Blazer Suv By heyyall

The seats are not comfortable. the seats are cloth and has not lasted aslong as they should have.....I wish that I had gotten lether seats and the back seat is slanted sorta and is not comfortable at ... Read More

Love It By newman30

Have had this car for 9 years, it has 165000 miles on it and is still running like new! We've only had to recently do repairs on it. Love this car, will own it till it simply won't go any more! Read More

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Reliable Sporty Transportation By scooby36

I like how the vehicle looks, the reliability is good, plenty of room in the front sitting area but while sitting in the rear seat you sit high and there is really not that much leg room. The perform... Read More

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I have fallen in love with the blazer but im at the point of giving up on her as I have repaired quite a bit on her in a year. She is big she is rugged and she is fun to drive. I love the handling but... Read More

This Vehicle Rocks By tommypc

I like this vehicle a lot. The 4 wheel drive has been of great use during all this snow that we have been having this year. I have not run into anything yet that it can't pull itself through. If you n... Read More

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