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1962 Cadillac DeVilleReview
Mark writes:

I Would Buy This Particular One Again In A Heartbeat. — Any review of a car from the 1960's has to be taken in context of how vehicles were build in that era. Everything on this car was extremely heavy-duty and built to last far better than anything built today. The ride is bolstered by the massive weight of the vehicle, but it glides over virtually any road surface with very little fuss transmitted to the passenger compartment. That has a good side and a bad one. It's great that you are transported in such isolation and comfort, but speed is equally well masked and it's nigh on impossible to tell the difference between 60mph and 90mph....until you receive a ticket. Once seat belts were added this became a car I truly enjoyed driving and one that I wish that I still owned today.

Pros: If you like driving a car that makes you smiles as well as makes everyone around you smile then you need a Coupe DeVille!

Cons: If you drive a lot of local miles and haven't got a cheap supply of gasoline then this isn't the car for you.

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1962 Cadillac DeVilleReview
Star writes:

Big Boy's A True Southern Gentleman! — The guys have put in so much work... I can't say that he is just mine. It's a collaboration, and a beautiful one at that! Rebuilt Chevy 502 under the hood..... And you can't resist the clean lines in white with a cherry red interior!!

Pros: Cold Hard Steel

Cons: Bigger than most parking spots... LOL!

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Displaying all 1962 Cadillac DeVille reviews reviews.

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