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My 1995 Gmc 350 Engine Stalls Out

will not start again unless the pedal is right to the floor, when it starts black smoke rolls out of it and spits and sputters.

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My 4 Wheel Drive Stopped Working

After struggling with the 4 wheel drive it stopped working. The last two winters the 4 wheel got cranky. If you shifted it in and out of gear it would engage, sometimes in low sometimes in high, now i...

8 views with 2 answers (last answer about a week ago)

I Have A 4 Wheel That Sometimes Works [when The Light Comes On]

Over the last few winters the 4 wheel works if you "play" with the shifter [standard shift]. It decided to not work this week leaving me to have to tow it out of my pasture. When the light comes on th...


Why My Truck Stalls Out?

When I am stopped at a traffic light or stop sign, brake applied, truck stalls out but fires up easy after. The only way it keeps running when stopped for lights or sign is I put gear in neutral the...

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1996 Misfire

I put gas in went home. WEnt to start truck the next day it was hard starting rough idle, was blowing smoke out tail pipe, didn't want to rev up. Made popping sound like a backfire when you did fina...

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Shea Goertz

My 94 Gmc Sierra 2500 Lost Power Recently And Now Has A Weird Whistle Sound...

The engine is a v8 5.7L 350.

14 views with 3 answers (last answer about a month ago)

What Are The Positives And Negatives Of A Turbo On A 350 V8 Pickup Truck?

I have a 94' GMC Sierra, and I'm wanting to up the fuel efficiency, as well as add the turbo sound. I've read a lot about this and there is no definitive answer to whether or not it is a good idea. ...


I Have 91 Gmc 2500 2wd When I Turn My Lights I Loose All Tail Lights And B...

my truck has a problem when i turn on my lights the front head lights turn on as do the front running lights but not any of the bed lights turn on none of them but the front blinkers all start blink...


Brakes Pedal Locks Up

the brake pedal will push my foot off when I hit the brakes heard

18 views with 1 answer (last answer 2 months ago)

My 1998 Sierra Truck Starts Finemost Of The Time, But Randomly When I Try T...

I have changed cam sensor and distributor cap to no avail. there are no codes that come up when this happens and when I left it at my mechanic for a week it happened 2 times for him but randomly it w...

37 views with 2 answers (last answer 2 months ago)

Instrument Panel And Tail Lights Blowing Fuses

The fuse that runs the instrument panel lights and also the tail lights keeps blowing. Just started out of the blue. I know there is a short somewhere but I have little to no knowledge about electri...


Will A Bad Sensor Make My 2000 Gmc 1500 Sle Seem To Look Like Its Running ...

took thermostat off, bled lines ran cool for quit a way and slowly started getting hot. turned off truck for not eve 5 mins. and turned key over it was still a lil hot but didnt sit long enough to c...

42 views with 2 answers (last answer 3 months ago)


I have a 95 K2500, 5.7, 5 speed, 6lug. Can I tow a 97 c3500 utility body truck with a uhaul car transport? I estimate the max trailer weight around 6800 lbs. I have a class 4 hitch


What Crate Engine Will Replace 1997 Gmc 350 5.7 5700 Vortec

i have a 1997 gmc sierra with the 350 vortec I am wanting to replace engine with crate motor without changing computer I have all pully assembly alt,ac,etc. intake manifolds exaust manifolds just want...

370 views with 7 answers (last answer 4 months ago)

Hello I Have A 89 Gmc 2500 And It Hesitates When You Start Moving But Once ...

The following has been replaced: Spark plugs and wires, Distributor cap and rotor, oil pressure gauge switch, fuel filter, and inspected ignition cables

53 views with 3 answers (last answer 4 months ago)

1995 Gmc Sierra 2500 Cuts Off

My Sierra cut off on me to work (fuel issue). Changed the fuel filter first, nothing. Then changed the fuel pump (worked). Cranked fine, no issues. Immediately drove to gas station (approx 2 miles),...

146 views with 5 answers (last answer 3 months ago)

4wheel Drive Problem

I have a problem with my 4wheeldrive not engaging at the front axil. The transfercase is working. I know there is an actuator but im wondering if there is a problem caused by the previous owner mo...

198 views with 1 answer (last answer 5 months ago)

What Would Be The Most Likely Cause For A 5.7l 350 Vortec To Have Accelorat...

I have a 1994 GMC SL K2500 with a 5.7L 350 Vortec motor. Ive done a basic tune up. Installed a new alternator. New water pump. Set timing. Checked for vaccum leaks and cleaned all the grounds. I ...

325 views with 3 answers (last answer 3 weeks ago)
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