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2013 GMC Terrain Review

Front quarter view.
Compared to other vehicles within its class, it far exceeded my expectations. Other manufacturers couldn't compare and were lacking in quali...

2011 Nissan Juke Review

Front Right Quarter View
Feels sporty and reactive. Accelerates well with the turbo. Gas mileage was pitched at 27 city 30 highway. I averaged 24 mpg with a daily...
Hi i have a problem with my car is an bmw 520i 2003 new model. And I park in front of my house and I lock the car. And afte 1 hour and half the alarm...
Marusoy Daniel
brakes squeal Changed brake pads and lubricated but still squeals loudly.
2001 dodge ram truck showing error code CHEC
2001 Saturn SL1 Starting Problem I have a 2001 Saturn SL1 that won't start or even turn over, my wife drove it around all day, came home and parked it. She went to go out a couple of ...
Is my coolant temperature too high for my Santa Fe? I recently plugged in the AAA Smart Trek diagnostic tool. I have received messages that my coolant temperature has reached 228 and even 240 degrees wh...


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