Is This Car a Good Deal? CarGurus’ New Mobile App Helps Car Shoppers Find the Answer

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., March 18, 2014 -- CarGurus (, the nation’s fastest growing automotive research and shopping website, today introduced its new, upgraded mobile car-shopping app.

Available free for iOS and Android phones, the app gives users convenient access to CarGurus’ comparison shopping tool, enabling shoppers to find great deals or check a dealer’s price on a specific car and compare it to better deals nearby. Shoppers can also use the app’s “On the Lot” feature to search a dealer’s inventory, get price guidance on the dealer’s listings and check reviews from other shoppers.

CarGurus reports a significant recent shift to mobile among car shoppers: Today 40% of the company’s 9 million unique monthly visitors shop for cars on their mobile phones. In fact, traffic to CarGurus’ mobile site has doubled in the past year.

The company says mobile access to information is not only convenient for car shoppers, but also lends itself to the particular needs of consumers while they are on site at a dealership. According to a recent poll of CarGurus shoppers, 86% rated access to third-party market-value data while at a dealership “very important,” and 71% said they use their phones to reference such data while negotiating a price with a dealer.

“A car shopper’s mobile phone can be a lifeline when scoping out car listings or negotiating a price with a dealer,” said Langley Steinert, founder and CEO of CarGurus. “At, we’ve made it easy for our users to search listings and quickly identify the best deals from the most reputable dealers. Now with our app, shoppers can get that same clear shopping guidance wherever and whenever they need it.”

The CarGurus Mobile App, which uses CarGurus’ Instant Market Value (IMV) analysis to compare car listings, includes the following key features:

  • Find Deals: Users are able to search local listings to find the best available deals on the car they want.
  • Price Check: Users can determine if the car in question is a “good deal” (or not) with a Vehicle ID (VIN) check. From there, comparable listings are located that potentially offer a better deal.
  • On the Lot: Users are able to view available inventory at nearby dealerships, get price guidance on those listings and check dealer reviews.
  • My Listings: Listings of interest and past searches are saved across app-compatible devices and desktop through a user’s account, allowing easy access to listing data and price-drop information.

To download or learn more about CarGurus’ mobile app, click here:

About CarGurus

CarGurus’ free car shopping tool uses proprietary search algorithms to help shoppers compare local listings and find great deals from great dealers. Every day, the company does a comprehensive Instant Market Value (IMV) analysis on more than 4 million listings, taking into account details including year, model, trim, options, mileage, location and vehicle history. A user’s shopping search results are ranked according to which offer the best deals from the most reputable dealerships.

With 9 million unique monthly visitors, is the fastest growing automotive research and shopping website in the nation. The company was founded in 2006 by Langley Steinert, co-founder and former Chairman of TripAdvisor, and is based in Cambridge, MA.

Amy Mueller