Say ‘Hola’ to CarGurus’ Español launches Spanish language version of popular car shopping tool

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., November 4, 2013 -- CarGurus (, the nation’s fastest growing car research and shopping website, today announced the launch of a Spanish language version of its car shopping tool. CarGurus Español ( enables Spanish-speaking consumers to shop for local car listings in the U.S. with a translated user interface that mirrors the site’s English language version. This includes CarGurus’ daily Instant Market Value (IMV) price analysis of millions of active car listings as well as translated vehicle specs, listing details and inquiry forms. The shopping tool is accessible via CarGurus’ desktop and mobile sites.

“Our goal at CarGurus is to provide shoppers with a clear path to finding the best local car deals, and language barriers should not stand in the way of that,” said Langley Steinert, founder and CEO of CarGurus. “With CarGurus Español, our Spanish-speaking users can now enjoy a more fluid--and fluent--experience by getting the information they need in the language they are most comfortable with.”

User traffic to CarGurus Español in October totaled 170,000 unique active shoppers, with a notably high proportion (45%) of Spanish-language users accessing the tool via the mobile site. CarGurus mobile typically accounts for 30% of overall CarGurus traffic.

The highest percentage of shopper inquiries at CarGurus Español came from shoppers in:

  • Miami (15.9%)
  • New York (10.2%)
  • Houston (8.4%)
  • Dallas (5.3%)
  • Chicago (4.7%)
  • Los Angeles (4.6%)

CarGurus is now the sixth largest auto shopping site in the United States by daily unique visitors. The company’s listings search tool enables users to search and compare used car listings and quickly find the best deals from the most reputable dealers in their local area, ranked according to CarGurus’ IMV analysis.

CarGurus plans to add additional Spanish-language features to the site in 2014. There are now 29 million Hispanic residents over 21 years old in the United States (U.S. Census Bureau). According to a 2012 Nielsen report, the U.S. Hispanic market is projected to reach $1.5 trillion in purchasing power by 2015.

About CarGurus

CarGurus ( is a leading online automotive destination focused on bringing transparency to the car research and shopping experience. Our free listings search tool helps shoppers compare available car listings from their desktop or mobile device and quickly identify the best deals in their local area. Millions of car listings are analyzed daily to calculate the Instant Market Value (IMV) and rank whether a deal is great, good, fair or overpriced compared to similar local listings. Specific details factor into the analysis, including make, model, trim, year, mileage, options, location and vehicle history.

Located in Cambridge, MA, CarGurus was founded in 2006 by Langley Steinert, co-founder and former Chairman of TripAdvisor. More than 7 million users visit CarGurus each month to research and shop for new and used cars.

A Spanish version of this press release is available here.

Amy Mueller