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Jose Mesa Auto Wholesale LLC

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24 dic. 2017
I found the vehicle as advertised. he treated me nicely and fairly through out the process. I noticed whatever he told me, he did so. Jose was also generous enough to not only change the oil but also gave me the car with full tank as he promised.
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21 nov. 2017
Jose was great. He brought the van to me to check out. It was exactly as advertised. No surprises. We finished the deal the next day and the van came with a full tank of gas and all the paperwork done. I will definitely contact him again when looking for a vehicle.
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24 nov. 2017
Respuesta del concesionario actual:
Thank you John for allowing me to sell you a Toyota Sienna. I appreciate your business. Enjoy your new van!
20 nov. 2017
This dealer is not to be trusted if your thinking of buying a car from him take your own mechanic to check it out. Do not take his word for anything he says he's done. Bought a 02 xterra from him, he said was in A-1 condition and his mechanic checked it out. Not even a week later check engine light came on. Before I could even get it through DEQ and after having it checked out it was shown that the issue had been covered up by having the computer reset 5 times. So beware of this seller.
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24 nov. 2017
Respuesta del concesionario actual:
I am sorry the check engine came on Jennifer. As I mentioned to you I spent almost $2000 on reconditioning including new tires, wheel alignment, brakes, engine fluids, front grill, driver seat repair, detail, etc. I had no idea that the check engine light would come on later for what you claimed to be knock sensors. Knock sensors are available on Ebay for under $10 plus the cost of installation. It is not a big expense but I am sorry this happened to you. It is really hard to tell when an electronic part will fail especially when the vehicle is 16 years old with 143K miles.
23 sep. 2016
I've worked with Jose on more than 1 occasion; recently, and one more time in the late 90's, and I always appreciate his professional, yet personal, approach to his business and his customers. His follow up is terrific, he listens very well to what the customer is needing / wanting. He is very fair and very open about any issues that you are going to encounter. I've also noticed that he will only generally work with nicer cars that are in good shape and represent well. I trust him; enough that I have recommended him to others, including family members, and they have all said the same positive things about him.
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28 feb. 2017
Respuesta del concesionario actual:
Thank you Rick for giving me the opportunity to sell you another vehicle as well as allowing me to sell your old vehicle for you.
17 sep. 2015
Dealer did bring the car to me to test drive but I felt he was overpriced and wasn't willing to give me a fair price for my trade-in. Not a very pleasant experience.
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17 sep. 2015
Respuesta del concesionario actual:
I don't appreciate this in the least little bit. Linda did not want to come to Portland to view the car so she asked me to take it to her. As I do take care of my customers I agreed to take it to her work in North Plains which took me an hour to get to. I spent another thirty minutes showing the car and letting her drive it. She wanted to sleep on it so I left and it took me ninety minutes to get back due to traffic. The next day I got a low ball offer of $10K on a local 62K mile Mini Cooper S in excellent condition with a great Carfax report that I had priced at $12K. Since I have a business
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