Wheel Removal

Does anyone know how to remove the wheel on an S7? I removed the center cap and was told that there would be a nut and cotter pin, but there is nothing there . Do i have to turn the large nut on the o...

Saleen S7 Overview

Saleen bills its 2007 S7 as "America's supercar," and with the power and speed the car offers, the manufacturer may be right. From a design standpoint, though, it looks a little more like "America's Frankencar," with its Corvette-like front end and Mustangesque rear. However unaesthetic the lines might be, they certainly make a statement about where the folks at Saleen see the 2007 S7 in the long lineage of great performance and muscle cars.
Long, wide, and low-slung, the Saleen keeps its curb weight down with a carbon-fiber body; its 3,036 pounds are featherweight in comparison with the power offered by its engine. That engine, a V8 Twin Turbo that puts out 750 horsepower and 750 lb.-ft. of torque, hustles the Saleen around the roads almost like the race car that inspired it.
You won't find a lot of frills on the '07 Saleen S7; it's a sports car designed for speed and power, not for luxury. And it delivers on both power and speed: It'll get from 0 to 60 in 2.8 seconds, and up to 100 in 6 seconds. The racing feel carries over to the steering and braking systems (no ABS here!) and double-disc clutch.
Compared to the Bugatti Veyron, the Maserati MC12, and other European supercars, the Saleen S7 is tremendous value for the money. It's still a lot of money, but you'll definitely get a lot of car in return.

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