Will A 74 GTO Hood Fit On A 76 Ventura

I have a 76 Pontiac Ventura and I'd like to know if the hood are the same size.

Where Can I Find A Fuel Gauge Sending Unit For A 73 Ventura?

I have not found a fuel gauge sending unit for a 73, but I have found them for a 72. Will that work too?

Interchangable Glass For 1974 Ventura

Is there any other cars i can get a drivers (left) glass from that would fit a 1974 pontiac ventura? Or at least some place cheap online or not online, for a canuck like myself. Sorry first time pr...

Need Front End Interchange Parts Donor Vehicle For 1974 Ventura

shaking in the front end all needs daily driver took two years to pay off...need help! rebuilding car please