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Car Makes A Screeching Sound When I Try To Start The Car

Whenever i tried to start my car, the engine (i assume) would make a screeching sound and the car failed to start. The battery works okay, i cant detect what the caused the porblems


Motorcycle At Hardly

Need some help I have a Harley Davidson 03 100th anniversary sitting at Harley Davidson I took it in to get a new exhaust new backing plate and gas filter I know they're telling me I have a hairli...

My Kenari Can Start If Gear At Nutral. If Gear At P Can't Start.. Can Its B...

Is It Necessary To Replace Fixed Camber Bolt With Adjustable Ones ?

Is it necessary to replace fixed camber bolt with adjustable ones ? I just changed mine when changing all my 4 tyres as adviced by the technician. Now I have a feeling that the technician con me.

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