72 Olds Cutlass Turn Signals Come On When You Hit The Bakes

Every time you hit the brakes the turn signals on dash light up. Any ideas whats causing this.

Tailgate Issue

the tailgate on my custom crusier will not lower. The key works the lock and glass. The door will open and the handle for the tailgate will pull up to release the gate. the gate seems to be locked i...

Should The Engine Ever Be Pressure Washed?

My mechanic thought he would be nice and pressure wash my 1993 Olds 3.3L engine with out my permission. Two cylinders stopped working after that. What is the general rule for cleaning an engine?

Help With My Car

I have a 88 Oldsmobile wagon with the 5.0's not picking up speed once I smash the gas but as I take my feet off the gas it try picking up speed..what could that be..

1993oldsmobile Crusier

i keep running out of gas and putting more in but when it starts it putters and backfires what could this be