How Can I Research A 1979 Jeep With A 13 Number Vin

I would like to find the vehicle history on a 1979 Jeep cj, but the vin is only 13 digits and none of the vin search sites can run older vins

1972 CJ5 Jeep Not Fully Restored

I have inherited a 1972 Jeep CJ5. My father bought the car to rebuild and stopped about halfway through rewiring. I believe that the engine and transmission are in good working order and he put a ...

I Have A 1980 Jeep CJ5 W/ 304V8. I've Replaced The Starter, Starter Solen...

After replacing everything I can possibly think of, I considered an ignition fuse might be blown or tripped, but I can find none and can find no reference online. Is there an ignition fuse and if...

What Would Be A Good Motor And Trans For A 55 CJ5 Jeep

Could you please help me get strared on what is the best way to go with this. I would like to put in a inline 6 but if that will not work a V6 with trans and transfer case is fine.

Old Jeep Won't Start

My 1975 cj5 jeep won't start. It will turnover but won't start even if I put a little fuel in the carburetor.