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How to replace fuel filter on 1996 isuzu trooper

98 Isuzu Trooper Brake Lights Stay On

i have a 98 isuzu trooper and when i turn on my night time driving lights my brake lights stay on but when the night time lights are not on they work fine


Why Would I Have Oil In Only The Back 2 Spark Plug Cyclinders

I had the valve covers replaced now I am having a rough idle in park it is also shifting rough replaced the egr, the pcv cleaned the valve body and ports decided to replace the spark plugs that's whe...

4zd1 Head On A 4ze1 Block

Hello there, I would like to know about using a 4zd1 head on a 4ze1 block, I have read that it´s okay but which gasket should I use, a 2.3 head gasket or a 2.6 head gasket, thanks in advance, and wa...