1997 Isuzu Hombre Won't Stay Running.

Hey guys, I have a 97 Isuzu Hombre (S10) 2.2L 5 Speed It started having issues with randomly stalling while driving or idling maybe 1 time a month. Now it will start once then die after about 40 s...



Getting 12 volts on egr plug then drops to .010 volts when pluged into egr unit

Fuse Box Shorted Out

Putting my fuse block back in and it sparked. Now I have no power. What could have blown ?

Fuel To Engine Issue

Alrighty, I'm at my wit's end and would rather buy a barrel of tanneriet and be done with this truck. Brand new battery and fuel pump later, I find out I'm not getting fuel into my throttle body, h...


Need A Fix Or Repair

i have replaced the egr, crankshaft sensor, fuel pump and the fuel pressure regulator.