Is The Vega Bolt Pattern 4 X 100mm??

just want to know if the bolt pattern is 4 x 100mm on the vega?

Brake Proportional Valve For 1974 VEGA

Hi, does anyone know of the correct brake proportional valve (part #? supplier?) to fit a 1974 Chevy VEGA, 2.3L????

1970 Factory Service Manual

Does anybody need a GM factory service manual that is in excellent condition?

Salvage Parts From Old Vega

I have an old Vega which is really badly rusted out on some property I just bought. Not sure of the year but it has "Millionth Vega" on the door handles, original paint is yellow with orange strip...

Window Moldings

Does anyone know where I can find all the window moldings for 74 Vega? Either aftermarket or used. tAhnks